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Case Study Two

Case Study Downer EDI Engineering – Nifty-Lift NL90DT

When it came time for Downer EDI Engineering to replace their aging Nifty-Lift NL125KF, Downer were only too happy to again contact Nifty-lift with an updated specification.

The machine was to be used mainly for traffic light maintenance, and as such traffic management issues were high considerations when selecting the correct machine for the job. A telescopic machine, on a nimble truck, was deemed to be the perfect solution.

With these specific requirements in mind, Nifty-Lift recommended the NL90DT, reverse mounted on a 4.5 tonne GVM truck. The team of Nifty-Lift engineers were able to provide detailed proposal drawings to assure Downer EDI management that the NL90DT would be the most suitable elevating work platform for the job.

Mounting the machine with the basket behind the truck cabin allowed the operators to park the truck at the entrance of the intersection, and simply raise the basket up to the traffic lights. Being able to set up the truck and access the job quickly means Downer EDI can reduce the amount of traffic disruption, and in turn become more efficient in their work practices. These efficiency gains will obviously flow through to increased profitability for their business.