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Case Study Three

Case Study Three: Orica – Nifty-Lift NL110DT Underground Charge Trucks

Orica approached Nifty-Lift as part of a program to ‘re-invent’ the traditional underground mining explosives ‘charge truck’. These machines are traditionally an imported, dedicated underground mining chassis, fitted with an aftermarket truck crane modified to act as an elevating work platform, to drill and pump explosives into the mine face. These machines were often one-off designs, high cost, and unsupported by a professional manufacturer.

Orica recognized the need for a better solution, with a machine design capable of meeting the stringent requirements of AS1418.10, and manufactured by an Australian company with a proven history of innovative designs and quality aftermarket support.

The Nifty-Lift NL110DT was designed by Nifty-Lift to suit the rugged mining application, and was selected by Orica for inclusion into the new ‘charge truck’ design. The Orica project has seen the use of a 4x4 truck chassis, rather than an imported mining chassis.

The expertise in both design and project management of the team at Nifty-Lift was quickly recognized by Orica, and the project scope increased to see Nifty-Lift not only supply the elevating work platform, but to project manage the entire build, from bare truck chassis to completion, including fitting the Orica UG2000 emulsion unit, and Sandvik fire suppression system to mining specifications.