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Nifty-Lift gives superior insulation protection for operators

Nifty-Lift gives superior insulation protection for operators

01-Aug-2011 - The patented Nifty-Lift ‘IICL’ high voltage inserts eliminates the need for difficult cleaning inside the boom to maintain insulation protection for operators. Subtle features such as cable skid plates under the basket, a low overall basket height, and carefully moulded LV covers all ensure cables do not catch when operating in tight spots and extending between LV and HV lines. Non-conductive hoses are carefully separated through HV inserts to ensure dirt and moisture is not trapped in the booms, bridging insulation. With all these features and more, operators and managers can be more confident that insulation is available every day, and not just after the machine has been cleaned for a High Voltage insulation test!



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