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Upgraded Rail EWP now available!

Upgraded Rail EWP now available!

04-Dec-2013 - The Nifty-Lift engineering team carried out a major redesign of the popular NL110DT model. Having cemented it’s place as the rail construction and maintenance EWP of choice, we set about incorporating operator feedback in the Series II design to allow us to offer a road/rail EWP with an unrivalled working envelope and list of optional features. 
In addition to some structural strength upgrades, the NL100DT-MKII also has 500mm additional side reach, a much larger basket, and fantastic options such as a foot pedal deadman, 240V power outlet to the basket, driver indicator system, auxilliary engine options, as well as the new demountable pod system. 
The demountable system was designed and engineered for long term Nifty-Lift clients Infraworks, who were looking to increase the utilisation of their hi-rail rail trucks. In many cases, an EWP hi-rail truck is only authorised to work when the rail system is shut down between 1AM and 4AM. 
The demountable concept allows the EWP to be safely removed from the truck, which can then operate as a crane truck throughout the daylight hours. The same crane truck can then be converted back into an EWP truck for night works. Infraworks’ customers have the ability to hire the same piece of plant and utilise it on the rail networks twenty four hours a day, seven days a week!
With in built safety monitoring of the EWP connection points by the onboard canbus system, the demountable NL110DT is a safe and efficient option to ensure you extract maximum value from your hirail trucks.

Control Options- DI System, Footpedal, 240V outletDemountable- offDemountable- on crane
Nifty-Lift Demountable ConnectionNL110DT-MK side reachNL110DT-MKII Demountable - Close UpNL110DT-MKII Demountable- PS


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